is a fraud website do not buy from them

Its a shame really that websites such as exists.
Simply google scammer and you will soon understand why you should avoid them.
We are the original source of the Sultan365 online betting script
yet they claim to have coded our product we built for years and they are displaying an outdated copy demo of our product.

If you still would like to ignore all warnings out there pointed to then feel free and go ahead buy from them and lets hope you actually recieve anything in return.

We have on file, close to 10 different clients contacting us as the original source of the Sultan365 betting script asking why we dont send them what they paid for, or give them any support.
The reason, they did buy it from the scam website called

We offer free updates and lifetime addons for free to all our clients and unlike the shady people behind Betscripts you can actually meet us in person and verifying all our details before purchase.